It all started in the summer of ’67 on the eastside streets of Buffalo with a few very close friends. These guys were tight, you know, the kind that bonded by cutting their palms with a broken bottle and then putting their bloody hands together. That’s what I’m talking about.

Well one day, one of those guys named Al, got a bike, grew long hair, got rid of the sneakers and started to ride. Then another one of those guys named Paul, brother to Al, did the same. Then another and pretty soon all of them where riding from one place to another earning respect wherever they went. People started asking: “Who do you ride with?” and “What do you call yourselves?” They answered, “We don't ride with anybody but ourselves, and we don't call ourselves anything.” They just wanted to ride with each other, grab some babes here and there and party at every stop. Those who asked to ride or party with them weren’t even given the time of day. It was very hard to get close to these guys; you had to be really righteous. They knew the true meaning of brotherhood and were always loyal to one another.

One night while partying around a campfire with some babes they started kicking around the idea of becoming a bike club and having a club name. They saw the Roaring Angels M.C. riding the streets with their colors and thought that they should be named and known as a bike club also. So they decided to do it. As they looked around at each other these men felt that they were CHOSEN to meet, having such a strong bond of brotherhood between them, and they were not many but FEW. That's how, the CHOSEN FEW M.C. found their name. With a Beatnik for their center patch, which symbolized freedom and non-conformity with modernistic society, and a three-pointed crown on their top rocker, to signify their proposed status amongst the other clubs, the CHOSEN FEW MOTORCYCLE CLUB, or CFMC, was born. It wasn’t until years later that they concerned themselves with bringing in others to make the club larger and to have new members to party with.

By the late 60’s the FEW started hanging out with a bike club known as the Road Agents MC. The RAMC originally had a clubhouse off of Broadway but later moved to a better, larger house at 1217 Sycamore St. in Buffalo. The Road Agents were quickly taken over by the CHOSEN FEW and only the righteous were taken in to become members. This only made the CHOSEN FEW stronger and the property on Sycamore St. had become their first official clubhouse. The party continued…

In the years to come the FEW hung out and got tight with some of the Road Vultures MC and the Renegades MC. In the early 70’s the Road Vultures became part of a national club, the Hell’s Angels, but moved out of the area not long after that. At that same time EVERY member of the CHOSEN FEW was offered a Hell’s Angels patch, and turned it down. And what became of the Renegades MC? Well, let’s just say they disbanded. The FEW would stay the FEW and the party did not stop.

Over the years many clubs tried to bring down the CHOSEN FEW, and after many battles it was soon realized the FEW were not to be taken lightly: they where here to stay. The merging of the Rare Breed M.C. with the CHOSEN FEW in the mid 70's made the FEW even stronger. With chapters opening up in Wellsville and Corning NY the FEW were now the most prestigious and powerful club around.

As the 70’s rolled on the CFMC met the Satan’s Choice MC and a couple of other clubs at a party one year up in Canada. We where all having a good old time. The Satan’s Choice M.C. and the CHOSEN FEW M.C. became tight. The brothers of the Satan’s Choice were cool and had the same understanding of the word brotherhood. The two clubs had a really strong bond with each other and, at times, it was as if they were one. In the late 70’s the Satan’s Choice were approached by a national club and decided to become Outlaws. The relationship still stayed strong with these Canadian Outlaws, but some thoughts were starting to run through some of our own brothers’ heads on a national level. But we said this was not going to happen! The CHOSEN FEW split; the brothers who wanted to go national became Buffalo Outlaws and the rest stayed faithful to the CFMC. It took some time to get our shit back together, but we finally did. Why, because we are the CHOSEN FEW, and forever will be. The brothers of our beginning will never be forgotten, such as Paul K, Paul (Ratazack), Bugsy, Johnny O, Sundown and Shorty. And to this day we still have some of the original members, Al is still the Boss and flying his colors and with a chapter now in Elmira NY the CHOSEN FEW are stronger than ever.

There have been and will be many more memories as the years go on. After a few beers it's hard not to talk about the good old days, I'm sure some of the newer brothers find a lot of it hard to believe. I guess I would too if I wasn't there to see it…

There is so much more to be said about everything that happened with the CHOSEN FEW, maybe someday someone will take the time to write a book about us. The Buffalo News did take the time to give us a nice write-up back in ‘83 (Click Here For Article). Times have changed and the days have past of looking over your shoulder, or under your car (some still do though, old habits are hard to break!). But what I'm trying to say here is that after years and years of hard work we finally worked out some peace here amongst 99% of the Buffalo Clubs and who ever else wants it. There is NO reason why bikers should take out other bikers (unless they are rats!). We have enough trouble with citizens, society, and the system. Just think: IF WE ALL RODE TOGETHER, HOW STRONG WE COULD BE!

CHOSEN FEW FOREVER, FOREVER CHOSEN FEW! Since 1967 and still going strong! We the CHOSEN FEW of Buffalo, NY, USA and wish all the best to all the CHOSEN FEW, Worldwide.


Many are Called... Few are Chosen.